Japanese exotic chicken recipe – 45 seconds

Japanese cuisine is increasingly well known outside its country of origin. There are several recipes for Asian dishes famous in the world, but they are a great idea to innovate in our menus. The Japanese exotic chicken recipe is a delicious option to surprise our guests. It is ideal for a lunch with family or friends, because it will delight the palate of all who try it.

Chicken is rich in many nutrients that are beneficial for the body. It provides high levels of protein and is low in fat and calories and is recommended for people with digestive issues. It contains vitamin A derivatives necessary for the maintenance of visual health.

Japanese food is one of the healthiest foods in the world. It includes many foods such as eggs, rice or vegetables, which help to maintain a balanced diet. Most dishes are prepared from fresh, mainly steamed foods.


  • 500 grams of ground chicken
  • 200 grams of rice
  • 100 grams of turkey meat in tacos
  • 70 grams of cooked peas.
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 broccoli
  • 1 onion
  • For the sauce

    • 1 glass of soy sauce
    • 1 glass of water
    • 1/3 cup brown sugar
    • 4 tablespoons of water
    • 2 tablespoons of cornmeal
    • 1 tablespoon of honey
    • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
    • ½ tablespoon of ground ginger

    How to prepare Japanese chicken:

    1. In a glass we dilute the cornmeal in the 4 tablespoons of water, stirring slowly.
    2. In a large pot We add the other ingredients for the sauce and we include the water with the flour. Cook over high heat and stir until it begins to boil. We have booked.
    3. In a skillet over high heat we sauté the chicken. When you are ready We place it in a bowl, add the sauce and leave to marinate.Recette de poulet exotique japonais - Japanese exotic chicken recipe - 45 seconds
    4. Also brown the turkey until golden brown. We have booked.
    5. In this same pot add the vegetables, cut the onion into julienne, dice the carrots and let poach in oil.
    6. After a few minutes, we cut the broccoli into twigs and incorporate it into the other vegetables. Cook over medium heat until well poached, then include the cooked peas. Season with salt and pepper, remove from heat and set aside.
    7. We cook the rice in water and salt, when it is ready, we add it to the pan with the vegetables. Mix very well over medium heat and add the marinated chicken.
    8. We reserve the rest of the sauce.

    This exotic Japanese chicken recipe is the perfect main dish for an important meal that you have to show off in. If you want to try something new and delicious, this preparation is a very good option.

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