le japon en stop livre - Japan hitchhiking an atypical travel guide and logbookJulien Inverno traveled Japan for 3 months. More than 4000 km later, he recounts his adventure in “Le Japon en Stop”.

The author wanted to share his quirky discoveries with as many people as possible. Both a practical guide and a travelogue, this book allows you to immerse yourself in today’s Japan in a different way.

We raise our thumbs and let’s go!

From the forest of Princess Mononoke through the hot springs, the mountains of Nagano, this atypical trip in a unique country is fascinating.

Wild camping experiences, strange places, encounters with men and women who cannot be forgotten, Julien Inverno succeeds in revealing the soul of the Japan in Japan hitchhiking.

Photos enhance the reading, tips and tricks spice up the story. If like me, you only want one thing, going back to Japan, Le Japon en stop (ed. Omaké Books), will satisfy your desires, while opening up other perspectives, while waiting for the long-awaited trip!

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