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My name is Martin, Aston Martin

Cars that have burst the screen in the cinema, there are plenty of them. But question will have, none comes close to the ankle of the Aston Martin DB5. This automotive legend born in 1963 has, since his debut in Goldfinger (1964), repeatedly accompanied James Bond in his adventures and pulled him out of many traps thanks to brilliant gadgets that have been remembered. Thanks to this unwavering bond between 007 and this beautiful Englishwoman, her love rating reaches new heights. as evidenced by the almost 6 million euros (excluding selling costs) that a collector put on the table to afford one of the copies used for the shootings. In short, needless to say that unless you win the moon in the lottery, considering owning this lady is really not given to everyone, at least until today …

A real DB5 at a "friendly" price …

As early as 2018, we had already told you that the English manufacturer had decided to remake, in a limited series of 25 copies, its legendary model. But this information has nothing to do since the price claimed at the time was set at more than 3 million euros! On the other hand, the 1059 copies (like the real one) planned for this new edition of the DB5 present much more reasonable prices, with a starting stake fixed at 35,000 pounds sterling: it is a ladle of 40,000 € without counting taxes, i.e. 20% of the total price with the "famous" VAT from us. Of course, you are probably telling yourself that it is too good to be true. Well, to be honest, the answer is neither yes nor no. First of all, it should be noted that this somewhat special DB5 does not have a roof, which in itself is not a betrayal of the original model which was available as a Volante cabriolet at a very low rate. As in the real world, there is also instrumentation signed Smiths, functional lighting, beautiful spoke rims or even real suspensions with, at the front, a double wishbone without forgetting ventilated disc brakes and not in wood.

… but not complete …

But one clarification is in order. At this price, you will only have 2/3 of the real one since this DB5 Junior (that's its name) is a toy for children, and those who have remained, designed in collaboration with The Little Car Company, English firm specializing in the field which also participated in the design of the Bugatti Baby II. Thanks to its 3 m long (1.57 m less than the real one) and 1.1 m wide, it can, according to its designers, still accommodate an adult and a child. Obviously under the hood don't dream, there is no miniature replica of the inline six of the real DB5. This "lady" runs on electricity with power ranging from 1 to 5 kW (top speed 19 to 48 km / h) depending on the driving program chosen.

James Bond39s Aston Martin DB5 for ... E 40000 - James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 for ... € 40,000! - L'Automobile Magazine
It will be necessary to deal with a steering wheel placed on the right in this Aston Martin DB5 Junior.© Aston Martin

… and much less powerful

The cavalry is powered by a removable lithium-ion battery (offering between 16 and 32 km of range) and it is possible to add another to double the recreation time. This configuration is the one delivered in series with the ultimate version called Vantage. Even more powerful (10 kW), it prefers carbon fiber (!) To the composite of the base model to dress its body and lighten an announced weight of 270 kg. On the other hand, for the addition, like a bad pudding, it is even heavier with more than € 50,000 (excluding taxes too)!

Cruel world of the great

In case all this has not cooled you off on the idea of ​​acquiring this Aston Martin DB5 like no other, here is something to definitely shower your hopes. Note that Aston Martin will, initially, favor the owners of real DB5 for these "2/3" versions. Moreover, those who wish can have the same chassis number stamped on the small one as on the large one they have in their garage. Another thing, the machine is obviously not approved on the road so no need to imagine yourself, like James Bond, in a tuxedo at the wheel in your neighborhood. Finally, you like me, we have as much chance of winning the Euromillions as of meeting the real Santa Claus. Sniff!

1599144005 622 James Bond39s Aston Martin DB5 for ... E 40000 - James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 for ... € 40,000! - L'Automobile Magazine
This Aston Martin is made for children … or those who have stayed.© Aston Martin

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