Jaguar working on Tesla Model 3 competitor

According to AutoExpress, T. Bolloré wants transform Jaguar into a fully electric brand so that it can compete with Tesla and Polestar. Very quickly, we could thus find a direct competitor for the Model 3. This one could look like a mix between a sedan and an SUV, a bit like the Polestar 2.

The model would serve as the entry-level in Jaguar's all-electric family of currently only the I-Pace, although an all-new all-electric XJ is on the way. He could even take the place of the XE which would disappear for his benefit. It must be said that sales of the latter are not famous with a drop of 28% during the last financial year.

" A small Electric jaguar, that would be great – we have to think about it Said Nick Rogers, CTO of JLR. " It's an extremely relevant segment right now and really cool that we want to be in and our customers want us to be there ".

Whether or not such a model would be called XE remains to be seen, but in any case it will likely use JLR's new Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA). Its powertrain would of course provide excellent performance and a refinement worthy of the brand. Jaguar.

In addition, there are rumors that an even smaller electric vehicle in partnership with BMW is in the pipeline, arguably similar in size to a BMW 1 Series or X2 could see the light of day.

Illustrative photos: Jaguar I-Pace

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