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NEWS – For the 60th anniversary of its sports car, the English manufacturer is marketing six pairs of cars identical to the two models revealed at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show.

- Jaguar Type E, an anniversary series - Le Figaro

Nothing stops him. After having produced a series of six replicas of the famous Type E Lightweight then marketed a reissue of the nine-unit XKSS and a series of twenty-five replicas of the legendary Type D crowned three times in the Sarthe, Jaguar decided to celebrate the anniversary of the revelation of the legendary Type E by marketing a series of six pairs of cars identical to those at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show. It's another era: the two E Type presented at the Swiss Motor Show had made the trip via the route from the Coventry factory. One day apart. These new Jaguars were among the first pre-production cars produced by the production department.


The coupe registered as "9600 HP" arrived first. The fifth copy produced, this gun-gray coupé was to be used to present the E-Type to the press the day before the show opened to the public. At the time, there was no motorway yet and after crossing the Channel via Dover, the two Type E had crossed France via Arras, Reims, Châlons, Chaumont, Dijon.

Bob Berry, the head of public relations, had led a race against time to arrive in time for the revelation to the press scheduled for Wednesday March 15, 1961 in the Parc des Eaux Vives in Geneva. The staff of Marc Fleury, the marque's Swiss importer, had only 20 minutes to clean the coupe before Sir William Lyons presented his new model to stunned journalists. The next day at the show, a crazy crowd gathered in front of the Jaguar stand. After queuing to see the E-Type, visitors lined up to order one! In the meantime, Jaguar had asked Norman Dewis to urgently bring to Geneva the British racing green convertible top beige registered "77 RW".


Called Type E 60 Edition, this series of six pairs will be strictly identical to the two models at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show. The Jaguar Classic Works department responsible for the production of this re-edition will start from the Type E 3.8 liter Series 1 from 1961. The Price of this E-Type pair is on request.

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