"Jaguar month" started in Latin America – Courrier International

Threatened by habitat loss in Central and South America, this big cat is hunted for its fangs and fur.

"An iconic species of Mexican culture threatened with extinction", abstract Verdad. The second "jaguar month" started on the 1stst November in Latin America, says the Mexican daily. An initiative of Panthera, a NGO dedicated to the protection of felines.

"One of the objectives (…) is to raise awareness of the risks this species is facing in Latin America, El Salvador and Uruguay, where it is considered already extinct and in Mexico, where it is in danger of extinction."

This is not the animal Cuban artist Lauzán, installed in Chile, chose to eat: it's another type of Jaguar, just as dented but noisier, more polluting, and much less valuable than the beast. hair.

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