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Contested on the sidelines of the Formula E ePrix between late 2018 and early 2020, the single-brand coupe created by Jaguar should, thanks to races on city circuits, promote the electric SUV / Crossover.

Eighteen months and then leaves

This Jaguar I-Pace trophy was run the same weekends as the Formula E ePrix.
Alas, lack of participants (10 to 12 drivers per race), but also for financial reasons, because the Jaguar I-Pace is not a racing car but more iron (weight, size, insufficient maneuverability, phantom liveliness) and obviously because the Covid-19 epidemic has passed there, the British manufacturer has made the choice to stop the costs and not to continue this “sport-promotional” program.

We will keep in mind lap times often less than 65 km / h on average and Jaguar I-Pace Racecars which were turning around 8 to 10 seconds per lap slower than the small Micra S of the Nissan Cup as our Quebec colleagues from PolePosition.
In short, nothing like a racing car and everything from a luxury family electric vehicle, that is to say bulky and peaceful.

Brazilian pilot Sérgio Jimenez won the only complete season in this series in 2019. We can doubt that S. Jimenez leaves his name in automotive history as this electrico-iconoclastic series had nothing to do on the track.

It was a great experience!

Of course, officially at Jaguar we are delighted with the experience gained, fights on the track and races carried out at a speed worthy of a pursuit in Derrick.
James Barclay, the director of this late championship said:
“The Jaguar i-Pace eTrophy has achieved many of the goals we set for ourselves.
However, in these unprecedented times linked to the Covid-19 crisis, we have adjusted our business strategy and decided to end the championship after two really successful seasons. "

A little method hidden in these difficult times for the automotive world can not harm but it must be noted that this Jaguar electro-trophy looks more like a flop than a beginning of success intended to promote electric vehicles in racing… Strongly the eTCR!

Via Jaguar.

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