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VIDEO. Discover in detail the restyled Jaguar F-Pace, its hybrid engines and its prices.

Released at the end of 2015, the Jaguar F-Pace, the British manufacturer's first SUV, is now entitled to the traditional mid-career restyling. Externally, it receives a hood with an enlarged bulge, refined front optical units featuring a new double "L" light signature, an enlarged grille with a modified mesh and a "double chicane" rear light signature taken from the I-Pace. Discover the restyled F-Pace in video.
The interior has evolved significantly to show itself at the same time more sporty, more refined and more high-tech than before. We note in particular the new central touch screen slightly curved 11.4 inches diagonal (10 inches previously), integrated into a redesigned console. Facing the driver is a new 12.3-inch digital instrument panel with a revised bezel. The padding of the seats and wider. Even the door panels have been reworked. Among the equipment on offer is a novel adaptive noise reduction system or an air purification device capable of filtering fine particles (PM 2.5).

The F-Pace electrifies itself

On the engine side, the restyled F-Pace launch offer is almost entirely electrified. Top of the range is provided by the P400e plug-in hybrid model, whose 2L turbo petrol four-cylinder engine and electric motor together develop 404hp and 640Nm of torque. Jaguar announces 5.3s to go from 0 to 100 km / h, a combined consumption of 2.2L / 100km, average CO2 emissions of 49g / km and a "zero emission" range of 53km.
The petrol versions P400 (six cylinders turbo, 400hp) as well as the diesel D165 (four cylinders, 163hp), D200 (four cylinders, 204hp) and D300 (six cylinders, 300hp) are micro-hybrids. Only the P250 (four-cylinder petrol, 250hp) remains 100% thermal. All these mechanisms are automatically associated with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive favoring the rear axle by default.

Restyled Jaguar F-Pace, prices

Here are the prices of the Jaguar F-Pace "phase 2":
P250: 58,890 €
P250 S: 63,180 €
P250 SE: 67,060 €
P250 HSE: 72,760 €
P400 MHEV: 71,560 €
P400 MHEV S: 75,850 €
P400 MHEV SE: € 79,730
P400 MHEV HSE: 84,210 €
D165 MHEV: 54,940 €
D165 MHEV S: 59,230 €
D165 MHEV SE: € 63,110
D200 MHEV: € 57,850
D200 MHEV S: 62,140 €
D200 MHEV SE: € 66,020
D200 MHEV HSE: 71,720 €
D300 MHEV: 66,690 €
D300 MHEV S: € 70,980
D300 MHEV SE: 74,860 €
D300 MHEV HSE: 79,340 €
Plug-in hybrid gasoline
P400e PHEV: 72,290 €
P400e PHEV S: 76,460 €
P400e PHEV SE: € 80,080
P400e PHEV HSE: 84.560 €
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