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Jaguar Network launches a data aggregation platform for communicating objects for IT providers. Called Stellar (in reference to the stellar vault and its constellations of objects), this software platform written in Go controls the network cores (or network servers) which decode the frames of the sensors, and the gateways, which manage the sensors and secure communications, preserves data and feeds business applications at the end of the chain (generally business intelligence applications).

The fruit of internal development, Jaguar has been using this platform for several years to aggregate its own data from its various infrastructures (telecoms networks, data centers, hosting servers, etc.). The company already has tens of thousands of connected devices from above.

Stellar is designed to aggregate all data sources ((API, industrial bus, etc.) and support the LoraWan and Sigfox protocols. It includes an artificial intelligence processing block (a multi-criteria conditional analysis engine) that automates processing. can be used through an API or directly via an interface. This is simple to use by a non-expert. However, developers can inject their code and the community will even have the possibility of upgrading it via the provision. code libraries.

" By thus packaging one of the cores of the Jaguar information system, we wish to facilitate the handling by the channel of the IoT market., says Kevin Polizzi, CEO of Jaguar Network. We want to support the channel's post-Covid rebound by bringing IT service providers a new technological brick capable of generating new sources of income for them by optimizing the resources of their customers. "

" The connected objects market remains a very vertical and immature market, he continues. Stellar breaks down vertical silos by creating IoT projects in a few days without special skills and at low cost. Stellar transforms sensor network data into useful information for businesses. "

Jaguar plans to provide tutorials to facilitate the handling of its platform. Kevin Polizzi estimates that in the long term thousands of companies – large accounts like TPME – will use it. Adoption facilitated by the fact that the platform will be usable for free. A decisive point in the democratization of the market, the large IoT platforms on the market being still relatively expensive. Note: if Stellar runs in Jaguar Cloud infrastructures, the platform can also be deployed directly in the datacenters of private companies or user communities.

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