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There is something new on the podium of the richest men in Italy since the annual publication of March 2019. The entrepreneur Giovanni Ferrero was dislodged from his first place.

The entrepreneur Giovanni Ferrero, at the head of the world giant of the same name, is no longer at the top of the Forbes ranking despite a heritage estimated at $ 21.9 billion. In front of him is now Leonardo del Vecchio, boss of the Luxottica group, with a patrimony of 24.3 billion dollars. It also climbs to 38th place of the richest men in the world, while Ferrero is in 46th position.

The success of Leonardo del Vecchio in Forbes "real time" (which evolves almost at the pace of the stock market), is explained by the rise of the title EssilorLuxottica, which has gained 35% on the stock market since last April. Del Vecchio is the largest shareholder with 32.7% of the group born from the merger between French Essilor and Italian Luxottica. Ferrero, on the contrary, has always refused the temptation of the quotation on the stock exchange, which penalizes the colossus of the city of Alba in the Forbes ranking.

New entry on the podium

The stylist Giorgio Armani becomes the third richest Italian in the Peninsula, with a wealth estimated at 11.2 billion dollars, and climbs to the 139th position worldwide.
The fourth richest of the Boot is still a man. This is Stefano Pessina, CEO of WalGreens Boots, the world's largest pharmaceutical and wellness distribution company, with assets of around $ 10 billion.
The fifth fortune of Italy (and 203rd world) is a woman, Massimiliana Landini Aleotti – president of the pharmaceutical group Menarini – with 8.1 billion.
Silvio Berlusconi slipped on him from fifth to sixth place, with nevertheless a wealth of 7 billion dollars.

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