While waiting for the reopening of our favorite restaurants, it is possible to continue to indulge yourself with take-out menus. A nice way to support restaurateurs and to benefit from their know-how at home. However, from time to time, nothing prevents you from improvising yourself as a chef at home and thus embarking on the preparation of essential recipes from your favorite addresses. Among them, the italian gastronomy and its specialties appreciated around the world. A mediterranean cuisine composed of sunny recipes that are internationally renowned, such as pizza, risotto, lasagna, panna cotta or tiramisu. Beyond these typical italian recipes, this gastronomy is also marked by local products sublimated in regional specialties, antipasti, soups, pasta to taste in all their forms and in all sauces. At dessert time, make way for sweetness with creamy preparations, based on cream, mascarpone, ricotta or Italian ice cream. The opportunity to embark on a gastronomic itinerary and thus discover the best of Italy!