Distress, isolation, suicidal thoughts… The government site Santé Psy Etudiant was put online on Wednesday March 10th. The objective: to offer three free sessions with a psychologist, renewable once if necessary, to all students who so wish, very morally tested by the Covid-19 pandemic.

#etudiantsfantomes: “I have been on anxiolytics for several months”

The opportunity to offer a “Decompression chamber” faced with the psychological distress of students, says Gladys Mondière, co-president of the French Federation of Psychologists and Psychology (FFPP), who however believes that “If there had been more hires and more resources, the psychological situation of young people would not have deteriorated to this point”.

According to an Ipsos poll, conducted for “Le Parisien” in January, 40% of 18-24 year olds say they suffer from generalized anxiety disorders. Why are students particularly in the throes of psychological distress?

This can be explained by several factors. First, because the student period is the age of meetings, of building a social, emotional and loving network. However, for two university years, everything has stopped. Meetings are no longer taking place because friendly leisure places, but also universities are closed.

Students also experience anxiety about their level of education. They have the impression that the quality of their course and of their diploma, for those who finish in 2021, is degraded

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