Faced with the psychological damage, already present and to come, linked to the current health crisis, "it is becoming really urgent to act".

This is the recommendation of Olivier Luminet, professor of health psychology at UCLouvain, member of the "Psychology and coronavirus" expert group, in La Libre Belgique on Wednesday.

He notes that there is "finally a real awareness" of the extent of the psychological damage caused by this health crisis by the political. "What on the other hand is not yet sufficiently perceptible in the political world, is that the investment in psychological support is not very expensive compared to the return that it can produce at the level of the well-being of the population. and even the economy, ”says the professor.

“There has not been a clear enough perception that, besides economic incentives, psychological incentives are really fundamental. Now it is very late. Maybe not too late, but it is becoming really urgent to act because we can see that at different levels, people are really tired, exhausted, demotivated … ".

The most difficult for people is "the lack of predictability and the lack of control over what is going on," observes Luminet.

"But from the moment you set an agenda that can span several months, it will help them make future events more predictable and more controllable," advises the psychologist.

"In order for them to survive, we absolutely have to help them see this horizon in the longer term, knowing that there will be more difficult times, sacrifices to be made," he urges.