Isere. Tullins-Fures: the recipe for the longest nut cake in the world soon to be unveiled on television – Le Dauphiné Libéré

Figureheads of French gastronomy for decades, the recipes of grandmothers find a revival among people who love to cook. This is the theme of a new rendezvous on France 3, a documentary with Anne Hediard.

The recipe for the cake that holds a world record!

For the first, the television crew chose an atypical cook, whose recipes are part of the Telethon challenges. So, on Friday September 4, Dany Lefèvre, president of the Tullin association Défis solidaires, accompanied by Émile Maignant dit Milou, his faithful accomplice, received a visit from a TV team and the journalist, to make this famous cake with walnut which was the subject of a world record in 2011, with a length of 268 meters, in one piece, in the streets of Tullins.

To make it easier, the filming took place at the president's home in Chantesse, on her property where animals (goats, cats, donkeys, etc.) are king. After a meticulous installation of the cameras, the resumption of the texts, the ingredients well highlighted, the shooting could begin. With Dany at the helm and Snowy as a skilful teacher, the walnut cake was made in a friendly atmosphere.

To complete this televised moment, Dany invited a few volunteers from the association to taste the product of his creation, with the film crew.

This documentary will be broadcast on France 3 either Friday September 11 at around 6:50 p.m. or Monday September 14 at 11:50 a.m.

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