Isabelle Genty, psychologist in Vernon

Isabelle Genty, hitherto psychotherapist and astrotherapist, broadens her patient base by affixing a new plaque at 5, rue des Écuries des Gardes: psychologist

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Isabelle Genty, psychotherapist, astrotherapist and psychologist. (© LeDémocrate)

A cozy atmosphere. Period wooden furniture, a piano. Calm and serenity. It’s in this peaceful and warm setting, in the heart of Vernon, that Isabelle Genty has been welcoming her patients for more than 10 years now. Named after her name, she always wanted to help people understand each other and understand what they were made of.

Before opening her office in 2008, she went through studies in biology, which were too uninspiring for her taste, to turn to another type of fundamental research: psychology and astrology. A natural and predestined way of life.

"Astrology, explains this mature woman with a frank and smiling look, has nothing to do with clairvoyance. It is simply a tool that complements psychology and allows me to save time to identify the personality of my patients. "

If Isabelle Genty wishes today to widen her field of action and reassure the most skeptical by demystifying her activity and by appearing "simple psychologist", she remains nonetheless convinced that astrology, which is based on the birth chart of the person concerned, allows him to enlighten the person before he even speaks.

"The goal is not to read the future, but to quickly identify the problem (s) of each individual, understand what each should avoid or what it is for, what is their life mission. "If astrology leaves you skeptical or worried, psychology reassures you.

Isabelle Genty receives by appointment at 5 rue des Écuries de Gardes in Vernon.

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