Is your Android smartphone battery draining quickly? Here are 4 steps to fix this

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I am surprised at the battery life of my Android smartphones compared to that of my iPhone. Part of the reason is that I use them less than my iPhone, but I can still put my Android smartphones aside for a few days and regain a decent battery, while my iPhone's battery would run out.

But Android phones are not immune to a problem of rapid battery drain.
But the problem when trying to diagnose problems with Android smartphones is not just the wide range of versions of Android that are used in the market. Because important differences can exist from one manufacturer to another.

Fortunately for Android owners, battery drain issues are usually pretty easy to fix.
When an Android smartphone suffers from low battery life, I have a four-step plan to fix it.

I suggest you wait a day between each step to make sure every issue has been resolved (unless the loss of energy is so great that you can see it within hours).

1: Restart the smartphone

It's the fastest, easiest, and least destructive thing to try first. On most phones, you just need to press and hold the power button until the option Restart appears.

It is not only a question of remedying the low autonomy of the batteries. This fixes most of the problems found most of the time!

2: Update your apps

Your applications are not configured to update automatically? A common cause of sudden and unexpected battery drain is an out-of-date app. Head over to the Google Play store, update the apps that need it, and see if that can help.

3: Android update

Alright, I know. Depending on the manufacturer, updates can either be made available regularly or be available when the hens have teeth.

But it's worth a try: launch the app Settings and go to System ; Advanced and then search either About phone or About tablet or System update or Wireless update. You just might have a few things to do there!

4: Reset your settings!

This is the nuclear option, as it means that you will have to set up your phone again. Make sure you have a backup of your data before doing this.

Most people can access the reset options by launching the app Settings and going on System; Advanced; Reset options. However, some smartphones require you to press the power button and turn the volume up or down for this to happen, which you might find through trial and error (beware, it's frustrating!) Or performing a research on the Internet.

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