Still under US sanctions, the Chinese giant Huawei is gradually moving away from Android to turn to its own operating system, Harmony OS. At first, the manufacturer stuck with the open source version of Android (without Google products), while Harmony OS was used by other types of products.

But this year Huawei will start offering smartphones that use its own operating system (and update older models). Moreover, it is possible that this operating system will later be used by smartphones from other brands.

In any case, this is what is suggested by a new rumor according to which HMD, the company which produces and markets Nokia smartphones, could launch mobiles using Harmony OS in China. In an article published this week, the site relays a Chinese source raising the possibility that the Nokia X60 and X60 Pro sold in China could use Harmony OS instead of Android.

Obviously, brands like Nokia have no interest in offering smartphones under Harmony OS in Europe or North America. In contrast, in China, where Google apps and services are not used, using Huawei’s operating system could be a selling point.

Still according to the source relayed by, the new series of Nokia smartphones would benefit from the partnership between HMD and Zeiss, and would have a 200 megapixel camera. Officially, there is not yet a 200 megapixel sensor for smartphones. Still, it would be a logical successor for the 108-megapixel cameras used by models like the Redmi Note 10 Pro. By the way, there is also a rumor that Xiaomi will also prepare a smartphone with a 200 megapixel camera.

Harmony OS would interest many manufacturers for the Chinese market

It should be noted that rumors had already circulated concerning the interest that certain manufacturers would have for Harmony OS. In May, the Mashable India site relayed a source indicating that among the manufacturers interested in Harmony OS, there would be Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and Meizu.

But that would depend on whether Harmony OS supports Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors, which are used by these manufacturers. But of course, all this information is not official, caution is in order. On the other hand, Harmony OS will likely only be used by third-party companies for products sold in China.

As a reminder, Harmony OS is offered by Huawei for different types of devices, including televisions, connected objects, as well as smartphones.