Is it your first time in caravan? 4 tips to make your trip a complete success

Do a roadtrip in caravan It has always been one of the most comfortable and practical options when planning vacations at any time of the year. The reason is simple: you move around with the house in tow. A feature that has made them more popular than ever in 2020: the presence of the coronavirus has led Spaniards to choose the safest way to move and caravans are. If this is your choice, record these tips.

Before reviewing the basic information for traveling by caravan, it is advisable to make a brief explanation explaining the difference compared to motorhomes. The first ones are a trailer that we have to hook to our car while the second ones have the cabin integrated in this house on wheels. With this nuance present, we are going to solve the most frequent doubts about both options. WATCH VIDEO.

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