Is it too dangerous to buy a BMW M5 E60? (video) –

This BMW M5 has arguably the most beautiful engine in the history of the brand. But its purchase involves sacred risks.

No one has forgotten the BMW M5 generation E60. Why ? Because its style dates back to the heyday of the Chris Bangle design period, but above all for its formidable engine: the car had an atmospheric V10 with 5.0 liters of displacement, developing some 507 horsepower. In 2005, there was no more powerful than that in ultra-sport sedans.

This engine sang divinely well and also produced remarkable performance. But it also requires serious and restrictive maintenance, which explains the particularly low selling price of current models on the second-hand market (you can find a very mileage M5 E60 for well under 40,000 euros).

Too risky ?

So, is it really too risky to fall for an M5 E60? The specialists of Test Drive give their opinion on the matter, having spent a lot of time with a copy of the beast.

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