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Do you dream of a Bugatti Veyron retouched by Mansory but have a tight budget? Good news, this "Linea Vivere" will only cost you a little over a million euros.

When it was released at the turn of the century, the Bugatti Veyron cost 1.6 million euros excluding taxes. Over the years, the value of the Alsatian supercar has fallen a bit (especially during the economic crisis). But since the end of the career of the Veyron and its replacement by the Chiron, the price of the Veyron seems to hold up well in the collection market.

To find a copy of the sports car for less than a million euros, you really have to look for one of the very first copies with a high mileage. This is why this ad, showing a Veyron modified by Mansory unique in the world by its color, surprises with its relatively low asking price.

La Linea Vivere

This is the Veyron Linea Vivere, a unique example reworked by Mansory. Note that we are talking about a 2008 Veyron, despite the Veyron Super Sport body kit (version that appeared only in 2010). The engine, developing 1200 horsepower against 1001 on the original Veyron, also seems to have been modified according to the technical characteristics of the Veyron Super Sport (and the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse). The car is currently at Wires Only in Los Angeles.

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