VIDEO – Renowned for its delicate driving, is the Lamborghini Diablo really indomitable?

Today, sports cars have become very easy to drive. Of course, you still have to have a real good steering wheel to extract the highest level of performance on the circuit. But thanks to driver aids, recent automatic transmissions and advancements in technology, it is no more difficult to drive a Ferrari than it is in today's Renault Clio.

This observation was not true two decades ago. At the time, you really had to spit in your hands to drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari F40. The Diablo, for example, was known for its fiery temper. Not really the kind of machine that left a lot of room for mistakes …

Easy, the Diablo SV?

In the video below, the Carfection specialists get behind the wheel of a sublime yellow Diablo SV. A model released long before the arrival of Volkswagen in the capital of the Italian brand. And as you can see, the beast lets itself be tamed on the condition of remaining humble.