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Iris Mittenaere has splurged again with darling! The duo treated themselves to an ultra classy Jaguar to go on vacation. We tell you everything!

Iris Mittenaere never does things by halves! Indeed, the bomb cracked for a new luxury car. So she shared a photo to show it to fans. And that's super classy!

Since the start of the summer, Iris Mittenaere has continued to impress internet users. And for good reason: the pretty brunette offers herself dream stays all over Europe.

The star has already put his bags in Swiss, in Greece or in Corsica to recharge your batteries in the sun. Each time, the top does not hesitate to share photos of her holidays on the web. And the least we can say is that she doesn't do things by halves!

Iris Mittenaere always stays in luxury hotels with her sweetheart. The duo also indulges themselves in many pleasures with helicopter rides or gourmet meals. We love !

Yesterday, the former Miss unveiled her new destination for the weekend. And this time, the it-girl has decided to go to Chantilly. The perfect opportunity to unveil his new car!

Iris improvised a small shoot in her new Jaguar. We can see it in an ultra classy leather interior.

Iris Mittenaere has class in her Jaguar on Instagram - Iris Mittenaere has class in her Jaguar on Instagram! - Mce tv

Iris Mittenaere unveils her new luxury car on Instagram

Iris Mittenaere also shows us the sunroof of his Jaguar. She then enjoys a unique view of the sky during her journey.

The fashionisita also addresses a very glamorous look for his romantic trip. She wears XXL sunglasses and a red polka dot dress.

No doubt, the star still has amazed the canvas with its latest madness. Many Internet users have reacted to his story. If some are happy for the beautiful brunette, others blame her on the other hand his luxurious lifestyle.

Either way, Iris Mittenaere isn't going to let her haters hit you. The latter prefers enjoy full of privileges. And she is right !

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