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Thanks to the shortcut on her iPhone allowing to quickly contact the emergency services, a woman narrowly escaped an assault on the night of Saturday to Sunday. The police were able to intervene in time to avoid the worst.

appel urgence iphone - iPhone: woman escapes assault with emergency call function - tom's guide

The Emergency Call function iPhones once again proven useful. You would almost wonder why this kind of functionality is not made mandatory by governments. Perhaps to prevent the police from being overpowered by calls.

Woman escapes attacker with iPhone emergency call

The facts took place in the night from Saturday to Sunday in the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia and are reported to us by the local radio station WTKR. The evening went well for the young woman who, at two o'clock in the morning, was about to leave the waterfront aboard an Uber. A man then approached her as she was about to enter the vehicle, claiming to have lost his smartphone. He explains that he must have lost his iPhone in the sand.

The young woman then agrees to let the unlucky stranger use his phone to use the "Find my iPhone", The same function that arrested Coachella’s smartphone thief. We had published a guide to try to find his phone in the event of loss or theft. However, she quickly realizes that the man cannot navigate his iPhone to find the function. She then realizes that he is lying to her, snatches his phone from his hand and starts to run. The man then chases after her, quickly catching her and tackling it to the ground, a hand on his mouth to keep him from calling for help.

The opportunity to remember how it works

It was then that she presence of mind to use the Emergency Call function . Arriving very quickly at the scene, a police car will put the suspect to flight, who will befinally apprehendedafter a chase on the beach. This story, which fortunately ends well, is the perfect time to recall the procedure for making this emergency call.

A visit to the dedicated page on the Apple site indicates that from there iPhone 8 , the user must keep the side button and one of the two volume buttons pressedand keep them there when the Emergency Call cursor appears and until the iPhone beeps and a countdown starts. At the end of the countdown, the call will be made. For the Previous iPhones , it is necessarypress the side button 5 timesthen drag the Emergency Call slider.

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