Apple brand loyalty has reached an all-time high among smartphone owners, according to a SellCell study. Those who own an iPhone would be much more likely to stay with Apple than to leave with Android.

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Credit: Apple

The survey was conducted by SellCell in early March 2021, with more than 5,000 smartphone users. She reveals that 91.9% of iPhone owners plan to buy a device of the same brand when they have to change smartphone. This is’an increase of 1.4% compared to 2019.

In comparison, SellCell states that Only 74% of Samsung smartphone owners plan to buy another Samsung model, against 85.7% in 2019. Android users are also not all loyal, since we know from another SellCell study that 33% of Android users plan to switch to Apple.

Why are iPhone users more loyal?

It is known that iPhone users are generally very attached to the brand image and the ease of use of iOS, but other reasons prevent them from going elsewhere. Finally, another SellCell study revealed that an Android smartphone loses more than 75% of its value in just two years, which could put off some users.

According to SellCell, iPhone owners gave four reasons to stay loyal to Apple. First of all, 65% of them prefer the iPhone or have never had a problem with it. 21% said they were prisoners of the ecosystem. Indeed, if you already have a MacBook Pro, for example, it is less advantageous to switch back to Android. Finally, 10% of users think switching from iOS to Android is too complicated and 8% prefer to stick with what they know.

The ecosystem is an important asset for Apple products, unlike its competitors on Android. While 64% of Samsung Galaxy owners are also happy with their smartphones, only 5% are linked to the Samsung ecosystem.

IPhone owners who are considering upgrading to Android have mentioned at 38% that they were attracted by the best technologies that these smartphones offer. For example, Android smartphones have been proven to be much faster on 5G than iPhone 12. In addition, 26.4% of respondents said they preferred the design of Android smartphones, and 12.9% said they preferred the design of Android smartphones. replied that they considered that Android smartphones offered more features.

Source: Sellcell