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Advanced placement students in the United States report missing their online exams due to the HEIC image format that is now used by default on iPhones.

iphone 11 pro - iPhone: Students miss their exams because of the HEIC image format! - PhonAndroid
The photo sensors of the iPhone 11 Pro / Credits: @jankolario via Unsplash

IPhones can sometimes play tricks on their owners. Despite confinement, many prep students in the United States had to take online exams (AP Exams). However, like everywhere in the world, the solution proposed by the College Board, a kind of independent rectorate which administers and standardizes exams for these classes in the United States, also had his failures.

HEIC, this proprietary format that iPhone users are not (all) aware of

The problem has appeared in reviews involving image uploads. Normally, the system only accepts JPG, JPEG and PNG formats. However, this is not the format in which the default images are now saved on the iPhone. To offer files of reasonable size despite the explosion in the number of megapixels, Apple has indeed adopted the proprietary HEIC standard.

The problem is, iPhone owners may not be aware of using a different file format. Even online, the exam was timed – and after trying to upload their images to no avail, some students exceeded the time limit and ended up leaving to be failed.

History does not say if and how the College Board can allow these unhappy students to validate their exams anyway. But one thing is already certain: for the next tests, students can choose to upload the images to the platform, or send them to an email dedicated to iPhone owners to automatically convert HEIC files to JPG format.

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