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At the end of 2018, Apple had already succeeded very well with the iPhone XR. This time, it is not a new model which arrives but an old big success of the brand which offers a facelift. Appeared in 2016, theiPhone SE resurrects in 2020. And this time again, it should make people happy.

Impossible to talk about the iPhone SE without first mentioning its price: € 489. Yes, it is possible to afford a new iPhone for less than € 500. For this amount, you will have access to the 64GB version, in black, in white or in (PRODUCT) RED, the pretty red from Apple which now contributes directly to the fight led by the Global Fund against COVID-19. For the higher versions, count 539 € for the 128GB and 659 € for the 256GB. And don't forget that Apple also offers to take back your old iPhone in exchange for a reduction. What still lower the bill a little more.

Small but (very) beefy

And reassure you right away. Just because the price is light doesn't mean what's in it. So, necessarily, we are not on the same perf as the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, logical, but on many levels, the iPhone SE has everything you would expect from a phone in 2020. It even rivals the king of smartphones since it has the same A13 chip in the stomach. Without playing it technical, this chip is certainly the best currently. Whether to play the most demanding games, to launch many apps or to mumuse with augmented reality, it will not let you go and will allow your iPhone to be stopped. A promise verified during our test, where no slowdown was found. Long live fluidity!

No problem with the battery. On paper, it has a battery life close to that of the iPhone 8 with up to 13 hours of video playback / 8 hours of streaming. Fast charging is available with up to 50% charge in 30 minutes. In fact, your iPhone SE will last through the day with real normal use.

It is also thanks to this A13 chip that your photos (wide-angle 12 Mpx at the back, 7 Mpx at the front) will be able to go to the next level. Yes, the iPhone SE incorporates portrait mode, which has already become cult or even essential. You have the photos with your booth perfectly highlighted and with the background blurred in an artistic way. And to you the likes, the crushes that wake up to invade your DM and the texts of mom to tell you how much you are the 8th wonder of the world.

If you feel the soul of an artist, the iPhone SE even allows you to go play with the settings of this blur, to amplify or decrease it, both before and after the photo is taken. You can also juggle between studio-style effects to switch from one lighting to another and obtain a completely different rendering which gives a second life to old-style selfies.

On the video side, the iPhone SE also offers very high-end with 4K recording. Do you hesitate between photographing and filming? QuickTake is there for you: leave your finger on the shutter for a long time and, hop, the iPhone switches from photo to video mode immediately. A gadget for some, a real plus for others, who will make them their best friend during a concert (yes, one day, we can return to see concerts, promised) or during an evening with friends.

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