Did you know that buying an iPhone costs less in September than in February? According to price surveys carried out by Idealo, an online comparator, it is possible to save money by targeting the period of acquisition of your smartphone. So, according to Idealo, the best deals are between July and January. Conversely, the period from February to August would be the least opportune to change smartphone.

For the buyer, the price difference can be significant: still according to Idealo, Apple products cost on average 560 euros in February, against 421 euros in September, or 25% discount if you change your smartphone at the start of the school year instead. than in the middle of winter. If you prefer Samsung phones, the principle is the same: the South Korean giant’s models cost on average 372 euros in February, against 331 euros in November, or 11% potential savings if you delay your purchase for a few months. .

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For their part, the Huawei cost around 356 euros in July but fell to 315 euros in December (12% less). As for the prices of OnePlus, they amount, on average to 479 euros in April, against 426 euros in November. Finally, the Xiaomi, sold on average 290 euros in June, see their price drop to 250 euros in January, or 14% less than the initial price. These price differences are explained by the release of new models from manufacturers. Usually presented at the end of the year, new generation smartphones lower the price of older versions.