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The iPhone, iPad and Mac soon to be equipped with screens capable of repairing themselves? There may be a chance that such technology will happen yes. Apple has just filed a patent application with the USPTO, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, for a panel with regenerative capacities.

apple brevet ecran auto reparation - iPhone, iPad, Mac: Apple patents a screen that repairs itself - PhonAndroid
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Apple, like many manufacturers, regularly files patent applications for more or less advanced, promising or eccentric technologies. In 2018, Apple, for example, patented the FaceID of the voice to unlock its smartphone via a voice command.

In 2015, the apple brand envisioned a system of deployable tabs to protect the iPhone screen in the event of a fall. The patent application of the day also concerns the protection of screens. More specifically, Apple plans to develop panels with regenerative capabilities. This technology, called Electronic Devices With Flexible Display Cover Layers, would reduce damage to flexible or foldable screens.

The theory of a foldable Apple smartphone is confirmed

In the first place, you will understand, this technology therefore seems intended for the future foldable screens of the Cupertino company. As a reminder, the famous IceUniverse leaker recently claimed that Apple had ordered foldable screens from Samsung. In fact, this patent only further confirms the fact that Apple is currently working on a foldable device. But back to our patent. How could this technology work?

On this point, the documents filed by Apple remain rather vague. The patent indicates that the screen would consist of several layers, one of which would have self-healing properties. “The screen cover can include a layer of elastomer in the fold area for added flexibility. Self-healing can be initiated or accelerated by the external application of heat, light, electric current or other stimuli ”, specifies the manufacturer.

brevet apple ecran auto reparation - iPhone, iPad, Mac: Apple patents a screen that repairs itself - PhonAndroid
Apple patent sketch

On reading the document, it is clear that this technology is not designed to restore your smartphone to 100%. It will not work on a badly damaged screen that looks like a spider web. Conversely, Apple imagined this technology to reduce the damage caused by scratches or bumps that can be caused on a daily basis..

To improve the aesthetics of the electronic device, it may be desirable that the presence of scratches and dents be minimized. To help alleviate the number of dents, scratches or other imperfections in a screen layer, that same layer may include a self-healing material ”, explains the brand to the apple. Still, we will not have more explanations for the moment on the identity of this famous “self-repairing material”.

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