The iOS 14.6 update drains the battery life of some iPhones. All models ranging from iPhone 6S to iPhone 12 are affected. To correct the problem while waiting for a fix, Apple recommends going through a full restore.

iPhone 12 Pacemaker
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At the end of May, Apple rolled out the final version of the iOS 14.6 update on all compatible iPhones. This new iteration comes with a handful of new features, including support for podcast subscriptions, a Voice Command feature to unlock the iPhone upon restart, and several bug fixes.

Unfortunately, the update also ruins the battery life of some iPhones. On Reddit or on the Apple Support Forum, many users complain about battery performance after installing the firmware. User complaints are confirmed by tests carried out by the YouTube channel iAppleBytes.

How to restore the iPhone to solve the battery problem?

On the Apple Support Forum, an iPhone 7 user claims that his smartphone discharges completely within two hours moderate use. Some owners of an iPhone 6s claim that the device turns off completely as soon as the battery level drops below 60%.

The problem isn’t confined to older iPhones. Many iPhone 12 users also complain about the impact of the update to iOS 14.6 on battery life. “I updated my 12 mini a few days ago, when I woke up I used my phone for a few minutes and the battery suddenly ran low and my back was hot” testifies a user on the MacRumors forum.

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Apple is expected to include a patch in a future iOS update. In the meantime, the brand’s customer service is advising some users to go through a restore from a backup. To restore your iPhone from a previous iCloud backup, follow the manipulation below. Before starting the procedure, make sure you have a recent backup available.

  • First reset your iPhone
  • See you in the Settings from the iPhone
  • Go to General
  • Click on Reset at the end of the page
  • Choose Clear content and settings
  • Enter your unlock code and press Erase iPhone
  • Enter your Apple password
  • After the iPhone is fully reset, follow the on-screen setup instructions
  • Press on Restore from iCloud
  • Log in to iCloud with your credentials
  • Select the most recent backup
  • Sign in with your Apple ID

In some cases, the restore corrected the problem. In other users, the battery bug is more recalcitrant. If this is your case, go to the Battery section of the settings to verify that no iOS application is draining the battery.