For more than a month and the last update of iOS, many users have complained about the battery life at half mast.

It’s been over a month since iOS 14.6 rolled out to iPhone, and it looks like this update is causing issues for some users. On the forums of MacRumors, Reddit and even on the Apple site, many complain about the disastrous autonomy of their iPhones since the switch to iOS 14.6.

The problem would affect users of old iPhones as well as newer devices. On the support page of the Apple site, a user mentions for example problems encountered with his iPhone 7, whose battery would discharge in just two hours. On the forums side of MacRumors, an Internet user explains that his iPhone 12 Mini regularly encounters autonomy problems, causing significant heating. Other testimonies evoke unexpected extinctions, while the percentage of remaining autonomy is still high.

Apple has not yet deployed a patch to correct this problem. Note that it does not affect all iPhone users or all models. At the time of writing, there are two of us who use an iPhone 12 Pro Max and have not experienced any issues since the update.

How to find a decent autonomy?

In case you are affected, here is the advice given by Apple to try to solve the problem, before a next update. The manipulation consists of restoring a previous backup, so remember to back up your recent data.

See you in the Settings> General> Reset> Erase content and settings. Perform the necessary checks and then, after the reset is complete, use the option Restore from iCloud, select the desired backup, and install it. Note that while this manipulation may have worked for some users, the results are not guaranteed.

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