After Belgium, Spain and Italy, it is the turn of a Portuguese consumer defense association to remember Apple by relaunching the iPhone 6 and 6s battery case..

The story is known and the demand of the Deco Proteste association is the same as its peers in other countries. This is to obtain from Apple a reimbursement of € 60 per iPhone affected by this update which slowed down their performance in order to limit the pressure on batteries to the lifespan already started. An update which Apple made the mistake of not communicating about it, forcing it to laborious explanations afterwards.

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Deco Proteste wants to organize a group action to force Apple to respond to this accusation of “planned obsolescence”. The Portuguese association stresses that it does not call in any case for a boycott of Apple products, but that the latter assumes its decision at the time, implemented without warning customers of what this would imply for their iPhone .

The same is true in the other countries which have organized a common front on this issue, within the Euroconsumers coalition. It has been a few months since these associations had warned of their intentions, and since then, they have received no response from Apple.

Apple paid 10 million euros to the Italian competition authority on this subject (which did not prevent a consumer association from taking up this subject in parallel). A year ago, it was the French DGCCRF which imposed a fine of 25 million euros. And there was also $ 500 million in the United States to extinguish a class action, to which is added another 113 million for a complaint from several American states.

This huge communication blunder has not finished sticking to the basques of Apple.