On the occasion of WWDC, its conference dedicated to developers, Apple announced the new features of iOS 15, its mobile operating system. It will be deployed at the start of the next school year.

The manufacturer of the iPhone was no exception to its habits on June 7, 2021. Apple took advantage of the opening of the WWDC, its major annual meeting with developers, to unveil the new version of iOS . The brand has announced iOS 15, the operating system of the iPhone which will be deployed at the beginning of next fall, accompanying the release of the probable iPhone 13. After a year and a half of pandemic and repeated confinements, Apple logically emphasizes distance communication.

FaceTime gets professionalized

To better compete with Zoom, Skype or Google Meet, Apple has redesigned FaceTime, its end-to-end encrypted audio and video calling tool. Its teams have notably reworked the sound part of the application: the voices are reorganized in the space according to the display of the participants on the screen, in order to have the impression of being in a common room. All while still better isolating the voices from surrounding noise, the company promises.

Apple offers more flexibility to its customers in the organization of a video conference. Participants can be displayed in squares of the same size, with a simple white outline around whoever is speaking. Another aesthetic and / or privacy-protective novelty: the possibility of applying a background blur, as with portrait mode of the iPhone camera.

Screenshot of the iOS 15 interface
Screenshot of the iOS 15 interface © Apple

Apple’s desire to professionalize the uses of FaceTime is explicit. With iOS 15, users can now create links to share access to a video conference, as is the case with Zoom or Google Meet. Links that will allow users of Android smartphones or Windows computers to access FaceTime. A first.

Apple does not forget the personal uses of FaceTime with functions allowing to play a common playlist as the background sound of a videoconference. The application can also be used to watch a video, or even a complete film – in particular on an Apple TV – simultaneously, by projecting it on the screen of the participants of a conversation.

Screenshot of the iOS 15 interface
Screenshot of the iOS 15 interface © Apple

The iMessage application is also evolving in its presentation, in particular to display a series of photos sent by one of his relatives. Several possibilities are available to the user, starting with a carousel to scroll through various snapshots camouflaged one behind the other. It is finally possible to pin a message to consult it later.

Stay focused

Faced with the multiplication of screens and requests, Apple intends to help its customers to concentrate. First, by reorganizing the notifications, which are easier to recognize and associated with larger visuals. IPhone can also display a summary of the most important notifications at different times of the day.

To limit distractions as much as possible, iOS 15 offers a more advanced configuration of “Do not disturb” mode. For example, you can tell your iMessage contacts that you are unavailable.

With the same idea, Apple launches a mode called “Concentration” leaving the user to activate only the notifications linked to a series of predefined applications. For example, professional applications, so as not to be disturbed by personal or leisure alerts during a working day.

Screenshot of the iOS 15 interface
Screenshot of the iOS 15 interface © Apple

Apple wants to make iCloud easier to use, especially when it comes to storing or transmitting data. In iOS 15, users can designate a trusted person who will receive a code in the event of password loss. It is now possible to designate a third party to offer him access to all or part of his data in the event of death.

In the wake of its new privacy protection options in iOS 14, Apple will offer (free of charge) a service called iCloud +, making it possible to encrypt all of its internet traffic. A function responsible for generating random emails linked to his real email address, to avoid communicating the latter, will be proposed.