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A new indiscretion claims that Apple would have reduced orders for OLED screens from Samsung for its 2021 iPhones. The firm would have chosen to entrust a part of it to BOE, a manufacturer of Chinese screens that was never retained to supply the American firm with OLED screens for its smartphones.

iphone 11 pro - iPhone: Apple threatens to supply fewer Samsung screens from 2021 - Phonandroid
iPhone 11 Pro

Since the arrival of OLED technology in the iPhone, Apple has entrusted a large part of the production of the panels to Samsung. This is the case for the iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone 11 Pro and their Max versions. The Korean giant shares the production of these screens with LG Display, its main competitor. But this situation could gradually change from the iPhone of 2021.

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A new leak, from South Korea and relayed by the Chinese press, says that Apple could significantly reduce orders for OLED screens from Samsung. The Korean firm would continue to be responsible for manufacturing the majority of the slabs, but their number would drop by more than a third, going from 230 million screens to 150 million screens.

BOE Technology finally certified by Apple

The remaining screens would be entrusted to LG Display, as before, but also to BOE Technology, a Chinese supplier. BOE would produce 45 million, while LG Display would design 26 million. Analysts do not rule out that BOE Display is ramping up year after year so that Samsung's share is gradually reduced. The goal would be to reduce Apple’s technological dependence on the Korean giant, while lowering the purchase price of the screens.

Great specialist in LCD technology (which he is the number 1 manufacturer in volume on the television market), BOE is one of three Apple LCD suppliers, along with Japan Display and Sharp Display. In particular, it provides tiles for iPads and MacBooks. It also provides screens for the iPhone 11. It is known to be very aggressive commercially, especially against Korean and Japanese competition.

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BOE Technology has an offer of OLED displays, but Apple has never certified them for its iPhones. Until this summer again, specialist analysts, such as Ming Chi Kuo of TF International, believed that BOE needed to further improve its high-performance production quality to meet the requirements of the Cupertino firm's specifications. But rumors said at the start of the school year that Apple could finally certify BOE screens, which would be done.

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