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Apple is preparing another big blow! The Apple brand is preparing a new iPhone … a new design and foldable phone!

A totally different new iPhone? Nothing is less certain … But Apple, in the greatest secrecy, seeks to compete with Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi with a foldable smartphone. Surprising, isn't it?

Surprising, because the three competitors found the vein long before Apple. The first one came out more than a year ago… A big delay that the apple brand is therefore trying to compensate. But not just anyhow!

Rather than rushing to the battlefield, engineers are looking for the revolutionary iPhone… And according to Jon Prosser, YouTuber always very well informed, so they changed their strategy!

No, they will not try to line up on the pitch Samsung, Hawei and others … They will instead seek to oppose Microsoft's Surface Duo. But above all to surpass this novelty.

It all looks very nice, but doesn't mean much… So what will be the real difference with this iPhone? It will be quite normal. But when the user wants a bigger screen, they get it.

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iPhone: Apple is currently working on a foldable smartphone!

Apple and its foldable iPhone …

Indeed, when Samsung launches Galaxy Fold, the novelty lies in the foldable side of the phone. But you have to turn it to use it, so you can have a screen or a dual screen, as needed …

But this time, it is indeed two separate screens that we can bring together on iPhone! To watch a movie, write or take notes, the user will be able to enjoy the screen they want.

No central hinge therefore, but a fiber hinge that will widen the screen as required. Apple is therefore seeking to enter the foldable smartphone market with a transversal attack …

Stay at find out what Samsung and company will have planned by then! Because the release of this iPhone does not seem planned before 2023 … Everyone will have time to adapt!

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