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The notch on the iPhone could soon be a thing of the past: Apple recently published several patents to this effect – and a new filing shows that the company is working behind the scenes to make this element disappear from the screen as quickly as possible. It is not known, however if the technology will be ready for the iPhone 12 of 2020.

iphone 11 encoche - iPhone: Apple is actively working to finally remove the notch - Phonandroid
The notch on an iPhone 11 Pro Max / Credits: Phonandroid

A new "partial patent" showing a new Apple product completely covered by a screen, without any notch, but with all the same, at least, selfie video capabilities has just been spotted by our colleagues from Let’s Go Digital. The document seems yet another indication that the firm is working very actively to remove the notch – this cut-out portion of the screen, which seems for the moment one of the only possible solutions to embed all the sensors necessary for the operation of the Selfie sensor and Face ID facial recognition.

The document's sketches, which show a square screen without rounded edges, with a dotted frame, seem specially drawn to reveal nothing of the true design of this future product. Besides, the text accompanying the request clearly states, as we told you above, that this is a partial patent and that the dotted parts are outside the scope of this filing (and are therefore not representative of any final design). It also does not indicate unlike other competitors' repositories like Samsung or Essential, the technology that could be used to hide all of these sensors.

We know that the front sensors under the screen – either hidden in the borders, or entirely hidden under the screen – have already become reality at Oppo, and it would not be impossible that Apple is also working on a product with all the sensors under the slab. There is also another possibility, outlined by Let’s Go Digital: Apple could simply abandon its Face ID technology in favor of a fingerprint reader under the screen. According to the blog, several patents filed in Japan could also support this hypothesis.

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However we can also doubt it because the operation of Face ID seems particularly to the point and that switching to reading fingerprints – even under the screen – looks more like a step backwards than a real good one forward.

Source: Let’s Go Digital

croquis - iPhone: Apple is actively working to finally remove the notch - Phonandroid
Evolution of the design in several partial patents, including the last identified by Let’s Go Digital / Credits: Let’s Go Digital

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