iPhone 5G: the big ambitions of Apple, which would also prepare new Watch and a new iPad Air

Apple believes in the potential of the 5G iPhone that will be released in October. As proof, the production of nearly 80 million units of these phones would have been launched to meet demand at the end of the year.

Bloomberg provides an update on the strategy Apple could implement on the product side in the coming months, drawing on sources within the industry.

The economic media estimates that 75 to 80 million iPhones compatible with 5G could be delivered by the end of the year. An estimate a bit higher than the number of iPhones manufactured by Apple for its usual smartphone launches, even if the marketing of these 5G iPhone will be a little later than usual, since it is planned for the month of October. This should be seen as a mark of trust from Apple, which is not afraid that the covid-19 pandemic will negatively impact its sales. On the contrary, the brand seems to bet on the attractiveness of 5G to sell more iPhones than usual during this future launch.

Of course, there are plenty of rumors about these future iPhones, and according to Bloomberg there are four new phones making their debut. In addition to supporting 5G networks and sporting a new design with more "square" angles, it would adopt screen sizes of 5.4; 6.1 or 6.7 inches, with an exclusive "Dark Blue" colorway for the iPhone 12 Pro, and a Lidar that only the iPhone 12 Pro Max will offer. Variants made from aluminum may be available before those using glass with metal strapping. Logically, these new models should integrate a new more powerful SoC and bet on new skills in photography. As for iOS 14, surprise, the new version of the iPhone and iPad operating system could be made available in September despite the postponement of the launch of the iPhone.

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Apple Watch, iPad Air, HomePod, headphones, rumors are rife

That's not all, at the end of the year, Apple would have planned the launch of two new models of Apple Watch. One of them will succeed the Watch Series 5, while the other would target a less upscale niche since it would be the replacement, in the catalog, of the Watch Series 3 released at the end of 2017, there is almost 3 years old. A Watch Series 3 which acts as the cheapest Apple watch in the current catalog, sold from € 229.

A new iPad Air with very thin screen borders would also be hiding in Apple's boxes, taking over the design of the iPad Pro in 10.8-inch format. Will this iPad integrate a Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the start button as before? Will it be available in iPad mini as the rumor has once mentioned? Unfortunately, we don't know more.

Finally, to end this tour of products expected at Apple, Bloomberg evokes the arrival of a new connected speaker HomePod, smaller and less expensive, perhaps on the model of a Google Home Mini, as well as that of a Apple branded audio headphones and a new Apple TV box.

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