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According to four anonymous sources, the iPhone 2020 should move to 5G, and Apple could be the first to engrave its AX chips in 5 nm.

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This year, Apple has skipped the 5G with its iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, unlike Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi who have all launched smartphones compatible with the new network standard. If, in 2019, this lack is not detrimental since the 5G is not yet on the agenda in France, it will happen next year and the lack will then be felt quickly. The vintage of iPhone 2020 should however accommodate the 5G and finally catch up on the competition. In any case this was confirmed by previous rumors, and today four anonymous sources cited by the Nikkei Asian Review.

According to them, the 2020 iPhone will be equipped with the X55 chip from Qualcomm. If we can be surprised to see Apple picking at Qualcomm, even though the Cupertino company has bought the mobile division of Intel this summer, the chip of the founder of San Diego is currently the best candidate available on the market. Still according to the article NikkeiApple would have decided to wait before integrating its home modems from the acquisition of the mobile division of Intel. The apple could well draw at Qualcomm for another two to four years time to polish his own chips.

However, that does not mean that Apple will go to Qualcomm for its SoC. For several years now, the Cupertino company has been amazed with its AX chips and has been blithely surpassing its competitors in terms of raw power, as this year's A13 Bionic shows, far ahead of the competition. It was already the first to engrave its mobile chips in 7 nm, and could, with the A14 Bionic, initiate the passage at 5 nm. With all this power, Apple could push further the performance of its iPhone 2020. The first rumors suggest that the Apple could integrate a new module at the back to identify precisely a scene, and thus drastically improve the possibilities in reality augmented, a function for which this new power would be welcome.

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