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Apple announced a few days ago that it was going to broadcast a press conference online that should feature some new features. According to some rumors, Apple should present its new iPhone 12 there. And according to some rumors, the brand may well present 4 iPhone 12 models incorporating 5G.

Apple pioneered the smartphone more than a decade ago when the brand and the late Steve Job introduced the iPhone 1. A smartphone with a new concept that has since won over the mainstream.

Yes, but now, in recent years, we can no longer really say that Apple remains a forward-thinking player in the smartphone segment. So much so that for two series, the brand has seen the volume of its iPhone sales fall.

IPhone 12, finally 5G?

So, yes, so far Apple has not yet crossed the 5G milestone. Of course, the technology is not yet fully available in the world, but in the United States, the market for the iPhone, offers for 5G subscriptions have already been launched. In addition, competition such as Huawei, Samsung, Oppo… already offers Americans smartphones equipped with 5G.

According to some rumors, on September 15, Apple should therefore present its new iPhone which will be equipped with a 5G chip. A pass of arms it seems for Apple which puts pressure on its partners to reduce the costs of components to keep an attractive margin on its smartphone.

In addition, the iPhone 12 could be available in 4 versions. However, it is not yet known whether the device will be available in 4 versions all 5G or some s5G and other 4G which would therefore cost less than the 5G versions.

Also according to some rumors, the American firm could announce that the phones will be available only in several weeks.

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iPhone 11 Pro Space Gray 64 Go.

Widescreen 5.8 ″ or 14.5 cm, 64 GB storage, 3046mAh battery, 4 GB RAM memory …

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To read again: The next iPhone will be late! Apple confirms it!

Are you going to re-read the above article? So, you will have understood that the iPhone 12 and 5G should probably not be available until the end of October or even November. If so, maybe Apple could play on a Black Friday release in late November. But it still seems very far away. We could therefore see the iPhone arrive in late October early November and then be entitled to Black Friday offers 2 weeks later.

But we'll find out all that in 3 days.

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