If you like the new color of the iPhone 12, you’ll love the iPhone 13’s new color. Well, let’s be honest, we’re not sure that this ultramarine blue, bordering on dark purple, that lights up the photo below is at appointment but that would not be bad at all. Even if this is not the most important on this image of the iPhone 13 which has leaked.

The site Gizchina relayed the visual of a prototype of the iPhone 13 mini. Which, contrary to what some have said will indeed be at the rendezvous of the start of the 2021 school year. On this visual, we therefore see a blue iPhone 13 and above all a notable change compared to the current iPhone 12 mini: the location cameras on the back of the Apple smartphone will change. Well, this is not a revolution but it has the merit of surprising. Because it seems that we find exactly the same thing as on the current model, therefore arranged differently.

The two photosensors of the iPhone 13 mini, however, seem a little larger than those of the current model. This may mean that said sensors will be more efficient. Second observation: they are no longer aligned one under the other but diagonally. This causes the LED flash to move to the top right. One way, perhaps, to take an example, in terms of the arrangement of photo sensors, on the iPhone 12 Pro which has 3 sensors. On the other hand, there would be no LIDAR sensor. It would be interesting to know why the engineers at the Cupertino company thought so, what this entailed in terms of technical changes during manufacture and last but not least, what it changes in terms of photo rendering for the user. .

The answers may be given in September 2021 if this design is confirmed. And something tells us that if this iPhone 13 model really came out, it could be a big hit.

Who signs immediately to have this iPhone 13 in hand?

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