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The month of September 2021 should mark the arrival of a new generation of iPhone: the iPhone 13. While this date is fast approaching, the rumors around Apple’s next smartphone are becoming clearer. If some rumors about the iPhone 13 are founded and are based on concrete elements, others seem unlikely. What novelties are to be expected? Who is telling the truth and who is saying false? We take stock with you.

IPhone 13 rumors: what’s new?

The iPhone 13 will be a major update to the iPhone. Apple seems to have abandoned the “S” versions, which were intermediate versions between a large generation of iPhones and another, probably for marketing reasons, but also because sales of the iPhone “S” never soared. . Thus, the brand now introduces important novelties from one year to another, and it will be the case once again this year. Let’s focus on the 5 big novelties to be expected in 2021 on the iPhone 13.

120 Hz ProMotion “always-on” screen

iphone 13 always on display - IPhone 13 rumors: what do we know so far?  The point - AppSystem

We have been talking about it for years, the arrival of a high refresh rate screen will probably be one of the great novelties of this iPhone 13. Already present on the iPad Pro, this panel would allow navigation much more fluid in the interface of the iPhone. However, this screen could drop to 60 Hz when a 120 Hz display, which consumes much more energy, is not necessary. Another novelty: the screen could display certain information such as the date and time permanently, as do the latest Apple Watch, with an “always-on display” screen. However, these new features could only be reserved for “Pro” models, that is to say the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Touch ID under the screen

iphone 13 touch id sous ecran - IPhone 13 rumors: what do we know so far?  The point - AppSystem

Could this be the big comeback of Touch ID on iPhone? Introduced with the iPhone 5s, the fingerprint reader had its heyday between 2013 and 2017. Replaced by Face ID with the arrival of the iPhone X, the two biometric technologies could well coexist with the iPhone 13. Indeed, Apple would have found a way to accommodate Touch ID under the iPhone screen. It remains to be seen how Apple will go about making them work in symbiosis.

Smaller notch

Possible Encoche iPhone 13 - IPhone 13 rumors: what do we know so far?  The point - AppSystem

The arrival of Face ID with the iPhone X also led to the arrival of a notch on the upper part of the iPhone screen. It contains all the sensors necessary for facial recognition to function, including the famous TrueDepth sensor. Only downside: the notch is quite impressive. It seems that Apple has finally found a way to make it a little more aesthetic, reducing its size by a few millimeters on both sides.

Removing the Lightning Port

iphone 13 sans port lightning - IPhone 13 rumors: what do we know so far?  The point - AppSystem

The fantasy of an iPhone without any ports is almost as old as the world, and Apple has been working on it for several years now. The project could finally come to fruition, with the definitive withdrawal of the Lightning port on the iPhone 13 in 2021, in favor of the MagSafe, introduced last year. The shells from ShopSystem are of course compatible with this new loading standard.

A15 chip and improved performance

More, always more power. This is Apple’s credo. And in 2021 again, the iPhone 13 should make a huge leap forward in terms of power. An improvement at first sight incidental given the irreproachable power of the iPhone 12, but which takes on its full meaning with the arrival of the new 120 Hz screen, Touch ID under the screen, and the increasing interest that you have Apple to augmented reality.

Which iPhone 13 rumors are false?

iphone 13 pliable - IPhone 13 rumors: what do we know so far?  The point - AppSystem

There are a very large number of them. From the foldable screen to the front cameras below the screen, including the total removal of the notch, all of these new features are unlikely to see the light of day in 2021. Even if Apple is actively working on it, the deadline seems too just for this year.

iPhone 13: rumors about the name, design and price

The iPhone 13 range should consist of 3 models: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The “mini” model would not be renewed. For good reason: the disappointing sales of the iPhone 12 mini (cf. Apple is lowering the production of the iPhone 12 mini because of weak demand).

The design of the iPhone 13 will be very similar to that of the iPhone 12; Apple having decided to focus more on new features than on aesthetics this year. Prices will therefore start at € 909 for the iPhone 13, € 1159 for the iPhone 13 Pro and € 1259 for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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