After the release of the iPhone 12 Pro at the end of 2020, all eyes are now on the next generation of high-end smartphones from Apple. A concept, shared by LetsGoDigital, shows us what the iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 12S Pro could look like.

The iPhone 13 Pro was not to be a significant evolution from the iPhone 12 Pro, but there are some changes that could upend the user experience.

iphone 13 pro concept - IPhone 13 Pro: this is what Apple's premium smartphone could look like in 2021 - tom's guide
iPhone 13 Pro concept – Credit: LetsGoDigital

From what we know, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will be equipped with an LTPO screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. In addition to improving the fluidity of its smartphone, Apple could then offer an Always feature. On Display similar to that of the Apple Watch.

The screen should look slightly different, since the notch would be reduced, without being completely removed, unlike its competitors on Android. Apple could also bring back Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor, and this would be directly integrated into the screen. During a global pandemic, Face ID showed its limits because of the wearing of the mask. Indeed, it prevented some users from easily unlocking their smartphone.

On the photo side, we should expect few changes. The ultra-wide-angle sensor and the telephoto lens would be improved, but the difference would not be significant with the current generation. The main change to note is at the bottom of the smartphone.

The iPhone 13 Pro, a smartphone without a port?

You will certainly have noticed in the image that the concept of the iPhone 13 Pro was imagined without a Lightning port. Apple is reportedly currently working on a portless smartphone, which would charge only through wireless charging.

Several clues suggest that Apple could market such a phone. First of all, Apple removed chargers from its boxes in 2020. This could be a period of transition, in particular to democratize wireless charging. Furthermore, the iPhone 13 Pro would have more powerful magnets on the back for MagSafe wireless charging.

Marketing a smartphone without a port would allow Apple to also remove the cable from its boxes, leaving only the smartphone. If Apple really decides to offer a portless iPhone in 2021, the change could become as big for users as removing the jack on the iPhone 7. Finally, we know that the iPhone 13 could be the first Apple phones to offer up to 1 TB of storage.

Source: LetsGoDigital