The iPhone 13 Pro could well be equipped with a low-power LTPO panel and equipped with a 120 Hz refresh rate. This is in any case what the Taiwanese site Digitimes claims, whose information comes directly from the suppliers of the apple mark.

iphone 12 dalle ltpo - iPhone 13 Pro: the track of the 120 Hz LTPO screen is confirmed
Credit: Unsplash

As you probably know, several analysts have agreed that the launch of the iPhone 13 will take place in September 2021. Until then, the smartphone remains a mystery, for lack of official information from Apple. . However, many rumors and leaks attest to its existence.

Thus, at the beginning of April, we were able to discover the design and the different colors of the iPhone 13, while another indiscretion revealed the presence of Touch iD, a reduced notch and a 120 Hz LTPO panel on the smartphone. . And precisely, the information of the day concerns the screen of the next Apple flagship.

According to our colleagues from the Taiwanese site Digitimes and taken up by the MacRumors site, the two Pro models of the iPhone 13 would indeed be equipped with a low consumption LTPO panel with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The publication takes this information from several Apple brand vendors.

Samsung, LG and BOE work for Apple

According to their report, Samsung and LG are already in the process of to modify their respective production line in order to produce large quantities of LTPO panels for Apple. The conversion of the production lines would be completed by the end of the first half of 2021. “Samsung and LG Display, which now offer OLED LTPS screens for iPhones, are converting their capacities to LTPO screens on their 6G OLED lines dedicated to Apple ”, specify the sources of Digitimes.

In addition, Chinese company BOE could join Apple’s list of tile suppliers, alongside Samsung and LG. The company had repeatedly failed quality control tests organized by the Apple brand. Only and according to Digitimes, Apple would have finally given the green light to the company to supply OLED LTPO panels since December 2020. Another revelation from Digitimes, the premium iPhone 13 would present a energy consumption reduced between 15 and 20%, a performance made possible by the next A15 chip from the Cupertino company.