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[IPHONE 13] Apple will unveil four models in September 2021. The debate remains on the existence of an iPhone 13 Mini or not.

[Mise à jour du 29 avril 2021 à 12h03] iPhone 13 Mini or not? For the always well-informed Ming-Chi Kuo, that’s no. Because if there will be an iPhone 13 Mini in 2021, it will only have a Mini in name. It will no longer be 5.4 inches, like its predecessor, but 6.1 inches. Like the iPhone 12 then. Blame it on a business failure, according to Ming Chi Kuo. The iPhone 12 Mini has apparently not found its audience, because it weighs less than 15% of iPhone 12 sales. A ratio that forces Apple to review its orders downwards, reducing by 70% production of the compact version. To avoid further disillusion, the apple-based firm plans to rework its range of devices this year. There will be four models, but only two screen sizes, 6.1 and 6.7 inches. Information that must, as always before the keynote, be taken with a grain of salt. Other experts assure that the 5.4-inch version will always be in the game.

Apple would like to release four new iPhone models again this year. The names chosen, if the logic is followed, would be iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The first two would be equipped with 4 GB of RAM and offered in storage capacities of 64, 128 and 256 GB against 6 GB of RAM and 128, 256 or 512 GB of storage for the two premium versions. The four smartphones would be equipped with IOS 15, 5G compatible and, according to persistent rumors, Touch ID functionality. The iPhone 13 Pro would be equipped with a 120 Hz frequency screen.

If Apple starts from the price list it has defined for the iPhone 12, this gives the following range:

  • IPhone 13 Mini price : from 809 euros
  • IPhone 13 price : from 909 euros
  • IPhone 13 Pro price : from 1,159 euros
  • IPhone 13 Pro Max price : from 1,259 euros.

With Apple, it is often the month of September that you have to wait to discover the new iPhone. 2020 had departed from the rule, the fault of the coronavirus and the supply problems it had generated, with only one presentation, but two releases, in October and November 2020. Apple’s keynote usually being held on a Tuesday of the first fortnight of September, we can count on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 as the keynote date. The marketing would take place ten days later, with a release date of Friday, September 24, 2020.

  • No 5.4-inch version: the iPhone 12 Mini is a commercial flop, it weighs less than 15% of Apple’s sales, unable to find its audience between an iPhone SE of the same dimensions but much cheaper and an iPhone 12 , bigger for almost the same price. Apple would have decided to cut the grain and remove this compact version.
  • A reduced notch: Apple would intend to reduce the notch of its smartphones, to house its TrueDepth sensors, which allow it to use the Face ID functionality. The width of the notches would remain unchanged, it is their height that would be refined
  • Touch ID back: coronavirus obliges, more and more of us are wearing masks in public spaces. Not practical when it comes to unlocking your iPhone using the Face ID feature. Apple would therefore think about bringing its fingerprint sensor up to date by housing it this time under the iPhone screen via its partner Qualcomm
  • Wifi: iPhone 13 would integrate support for Wi-Fi 6E and would therefore be compatible with the 6 GHz frequency band
  • Photo sensor: this time it is the device located on the back of the iPhone 13 that would be improved, via the arrival of an image stabilization system by moving the sensor.
  • The iPhone 13 battery: it will undergo many improvements, according to the always well-informed Ming-Chi Kuo who explains that Apple has managed to make a lot of space in its smartphones to make its more spacious batteries. The smartphone manufacturer has notably reduced the space allocated to the integration of the phone’s chip and that of the notch. Real good news, as the ‌iPhone 12‌, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max had seen their battery size shrink. Despite everything without consequences for the life of the latter, thanks to improvements in the efficiency of the process. This increase in the size allocated to the iPhone 13 battery should therefore allow this model to be even more efficient. A way for Apple to deal with the gluttony of 5G, which weighs down the performance of a lot of smartphones on the battery side.

Probably not. While its main competitors, Samsung in the lead, have already launched foldable models, Apple should take its time, according to analyst Mark Gurman. A prototype has indeed been developed but industrialized development is not on the agenda. We will have to wait for versions 2022, or even 2023, to discover this innovation.