New images unveiled by leaker @DuanRui on Twitter purport to offer another glimpse of the redesigned notch of the iPhone 13. As the design of the iPhone13 is finalized, some screen protector manufacturers are already starting to manufacture the iPhone 13s. first copies.

By directly comparing the notch size of the iPhone 13 to that of the iPhone 12, the images give us a better idea of ​​the changes Apple is going to make.

iphone 13 encoche - IPhone 13: new images compare its notch to that of the iPhone 12 - tom's guide
iPhone 13 notch – Credit: DuanRui / Twitter

It’s been several months now since we know that Apple plans to reduce the size of the notch of the iPhone 13, its future high-end smartphones of 2021. The width reduction is made possible by the integration of the earpiece in the upper border, above the TrueDepth camera and Face ID components.

In these images, we can see how the iPhone 13’s notch will be smaller in terms of width. Indeed, we expect a reduction of just under 30%. The reduction in width is made possible by the integration of the speaker in the upper border, above the TrueDepth camera and Face ID components, as reported by our colleagues from Mac Okatara. However, the notch might get higher due to the way Apple moves the speaker.

Apple reduces the notch in 2021, and will remove it in 2022

The iPhone 13 should use a notch of 5.35 mm in height, against 5.30 mm on the iPhone 12. Its width would go from 34.83 mm to 26.80 mm on the new model. Since 2017 and the release of the iPhone X, iPhone users have to do with a big notch at the top of the screen, while its Android competitors are increasingly innovative.

Indeed, even if many smartphones still use a punch, some manufacturers go even further by placing the front camera under the screen. This is the case of ZTE and its Axon 20 5G, which was the first smartphone to use this revolutionary technology. In Europe, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 could be one of the first smartphones with a camera under the screen.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could finally remove this notch and replace it with a punch with the iPhone 14, which will be released in 2022. The sensors for Face ID will not be abandoned, since these would be placed under the screen.

Source: DuanRui