Each year at the same period, we see blooming photos of models and molds used by props to develop their models of cases and cases for the next range of iPhone. This year 2021 is no exception to the rule: the first iPhone 13 models that appeared last month show us a design virtually identical to the current generation, but with larger sensors for both Pro versions and diagonal positioning. for cameras of the two classic models.

This development continues to be confirmed over the leaks. We don’t generally know where the clichés circulating before the presentation of the new models come from, but it’s different this year: the Chinese manufacturer Benks has offered a little publicity stunt by voluntarily sharing on Weibo (via DuanRui) the photos of metal models that he uses to test his future accessories for the iPhone 13. We can therefore find the same range organization as today, with an iPhone 13 mini of 5.4 “, an iPhone 13 and a 6.1 “iPhone 13 Pro as well as a 6.7” iPhone 13 Pro Max.

IPhone 13 Benks models
IPhone 13 Benks models

For accessory makers, obtaining industry blueprints for the future iPhone lineup is essential so they can prepare a cover and case offering that should be ready for launch in September. Images of this type are therefore generally very reliable.

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