Apple recently updated its safety guidelines for its manufacturing partners. Indeed, the American company would have put in place stricter measures in factories to avoid leaks, and in particular those of the future iPhone 13, according to an internal document obtained by Wayne Ma of The Information.

Usine Foxconn credit Steve Jurvetson Wikipedia - iPhone 13: Apple strengthens safety rules in its factories to prevent leaks
Credit Steve / Jurvetson Wikipedia

The new rules for manufacturers working with Apple would provide strict limits on biometric scans from Apple staff in the premises, while encouraging greater use of security cameras for factory workers.

Additionally, the report also states that Apple recently asked its manufacturing partners, like Foxconn and Wistron, to begin criminal background checks on all assembly line employees. If an employee has a criminal record, they will be denied access to development and assembly areas unmarketed Apple products, where you can find devices like the iPhone 13. Last year, for example, we saw pictures of the motherboard of the iPhone 12 several months before its presentation.

Apple wants to avoid leaks at all costs

Leaks are a real bane for all smartphone makers, including Apple. Despite the drastic measures to control every employee who has access to information on products not yet marketed, it is very difficult for manufacturers to keep their products secret. Today, it is rare to discover products that are still unknown during the Keynotes of Apple or other manufacturers.

The iPhone 13s are arguably the most anticipated devices of 2021, and a lot of information has already been leaked. Indeed, we were able to discover yesterday a stolen photo which confirms the reduced size notch on the next generation. We also have thanks to Appleosophy that Apple seeks to remove the Lightning port.

IPhones aren’t the only leaking Apple products. Indeed, we had recently been able to see the design of the new AirPods 3, which is scheduled for release later this year. As a result, Apple also plans to modernize computer systems in factories, currently used to determine where products are on an assembly line to prevent component theft. It will take a few weeks to see if these measures are effective.

Source: 9to5Mac