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Apple Logo  w630 - iPhone 12: what the leaks tell usZDNet

Jon Prosser, a regular at leaks about upcoming Apple products, has posted a few photos of what he touts as a prototype iPhone 12, offering some leads on the Apple brand's next line of smartphones.

Jon Prosser is not his first revelation, so we can imagine that the prototype is quite authentic. However, prototypes are subject to change, this is their reason for being. It is therefore possible that certain aspects will be modified before the release of the product, for example if certain aspects do not prove to be up to the expectations of their creators.

What we remember from this prototype

For starters, the notch is still there, and appears to be the same size.

We can also note several interesting characteristics concerning the camera, going from the support of LiDAR – which would make it possible to improve in particular the Portrait mode, by offering more depth in the information of the image – to the recording of slow-motion videos at 240 FPS in 4K.

In addition, 120 Hz screens are in progress … but only on certain prototypes. Will this characteristic remain? Will it be limited to some high-end iPhone 12 Pro Max? Or is Apple just testing? We will have to wait to find out.

If you want to know more about what Jon Prosser revealed, here is the video showing the prototype. However, you have to keep in mind that, as is usually the case with this kind of leaky videos, the quality is not in 4K:

In conclusion, one can wonder how precise these elements which were leaked are, and especially which are those which will remain in the final version of the product, and which are those which could disappear. Answers in the next Apple keynote, scheduled for this fall.

Source: ZDNet.com

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