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L‘IPhone 12, or rather the iPhone 12, have been the subject of many rumors in recent weeks. Quite contradictory rumors by the way. Especially in terms of 5G and the refresh rate of their screen. While waiting to be fixed, a video has just appeared on the internet.

The footage in question was uploaded to YouTube by a channel called Sparrow News and is no longer than 15 seconds.

iphone 12 1 - IPhone 12 unveiled in video ?! - FREDZONE

Hey, it looks like an iPhone 12

Yes, it’s short, but it’s enough. The video shows the device from all angles, and it allows us to make quite a few observations.

A functional iPhone 12 in video?

The first, and most important of all, is that the iPhone 12 featured in this video is … functional. The screen does indeed appear on at the very end of the sequence. Contrary to what one might have thought, this would not be a mockup, but rather a working prototype.

More importantly, the prototype in question confirms the design change we've been hearing about since last year.

The iPhone 12 will not reinvent the wheel, but they will still bring one or two small novelties in terms of design. Their edges should thus be completely flat as in the heyday of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. What this video seems to confirm.

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Flat slices and a mat back

But that's not all. The staged model also features a matte dark gray back. Apple would therefore not intend to go back on glossy finishes, which is great news. Matte backs are much more premium and they are also less messy.

In this regard, it should be remembered that it would be a question of a completely new color. The green of the iPhone 11 Pro would indeed be replaced by a deep blue. A first at Apple.

Coming back to this video, it should be noted that it is currently impossible to determine the authenticity of the iPhone 12 on display. It must therefore be taken with the most extreme caution, even if it seems to correspond to the rumors of recent weeks.

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