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We had little doubt, it now seems a certainty: the iPhone 12 will be a must have. So yes, it will be necessary to put the package to afford it, between 800 and 1700 euros depending on the model if we are to believe discerning observers, but it will be worth it. A video posted by the YouTube channel Sparrows News shows a grip of the iPhone 12. It's pretty fast but it leaves enough time to get an idea of ​​the beauty (or not, we are not limited) of the product.

This is most certainly an iPhone 12 Pro, as the triple photo sensor on the back tends to prove. We can clearly see that its design is not the same as that of the current iPhone 11 Pro, with notably these much less rounded edges. It has been rumored very loudly for months that the iPhone 12 will look like the latest iPad Pro and the famous iPhone 4 and 4S, the most beautiful ever designed by Apple. Frankly, it's beautiful!

It remains to be seen whether this is indeed a real iPhone 12 and not a simple concept with no future. The fact that there is the box next to it, the plastic film on the screen, which works, does not necessarily convince us of the veracity of this iPhone. Because if it was the real packaging, the videographer would surely have started by filming by unpacking. To be continued …

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