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How much will the iPhone 12 cost? A year before its release, Apple's next premium smartphone (an iPhone SE 2, called "low-cost" could come out in the spring of 2020) is already fantasizing geeks and cause savvy observers of the tech planet. As, especially, the specialist is Apple, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Based on the fact that the iPhone 12 would ship the 5G, he says that it would inevitably impact the price of the smartphone since it would make a brand new motherboard, which would be 10% larger. It would be more expensive to manufacture. Kuo estimates that the increase would be of the order of 35% for this component which is, with the OLED screen, one of the most expensive of an iPhone with a manufacturing cost currently turning around 70 dollars. Knowing that the iPhone 11 Pro, sold 1659 euros version 512 GB, has an estimated manufacturing price of 490 dollars. The latter will exceed very surely the $ 500 for the iPhone 12. Logically, the selling price to the public would be above 1700 euros, for the model with 512 GB of storage. Imagine if Apple decides to make a 1TB version …

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